Our Story

5:dirty was born from the desire to be able to enjoy a perfect dirty martini, on-demand.
Have you ever found yourself at the end of a long day, decided that a martini would hit the spot and you open your cabinet only to sadly discover you are missing a key ingredient?
Or perhaps life gets distracting as you are trying to concentrate on your measurements (was that one ounce…or two?!?)
Maybe you are going out and aren’t sure how to pack your martinis, so you just forego your preferred drink of choice.
In all of these instances, 5:dirty has you covered. Perfectly balanced premium ingredients come together in a sleek, elegant bottle that is ready to pour when you are.
Our goal at 5:dirty is simplicity, without sacrificing the taste or sophistication of this extraordinary cocktail. When the clock hits 5:dirty, you know where to go.


Melissa and Kyle